At the beginning of May, the Autism Academy reached out to a local Lowes store for information involving a national Lowes grant.  The store requested more information about Autism Academy does and what work that needed to be completed to improve the therapy services for our children.  After hearing our story the manager at the Lowes of West Columbia store wanted to help us reach our goal of creating a more usable space for the children.  Through a partnership, the West Columbia Lowes store and the Garners Ferry Lowes store adopted AASC as their HEROS project for this year. As a result, the entire little kid area downstairs received a fresh new look.   The space downstairs was repainted, including therapy rooms, hallways, door frames and doors. The most significant and lasting impact is the change in flooring.  The old carpet was ripped out and replaced with a durable vinyl plank.  This flooring will make rooms easier to clean and maintain through the wear and tear that the building receives on a daily basis.  Thank you again to the West Columbia Lowes and Garners Ferry Lowes Store for making this happen for our children and staff! You have made such an impact on the AASC family.